Breakfast of champions!

8 Oct

Usually I start my day off with a protein shake, but today I felt like some cereal. I try to avoid most cereals (SO many of them are filled with high fructose corn syrup aka HFCS, and nasty preservatives) In fact, I try to avoid most things that come out of a box. I’d much rather eat what nature provides– it’s much better for you, and tastes a million times better.

In saying all that, this cereal was prett’ai bomb– not gonna lie 🙂

Quinoa cereal-Strawberries-Brazil nut milk

Brazil nut milk for those who haven’t tried it, is A-MA-ZING! Just blend one cup of brazil nuts, 2-3 cups of filtered water and a dash of vanilla extract. Once blended you can strain in through a nut milk bag, or any mesh bag. You don’t have to strain it, I sometimes like to drink it ‘as is’, it’s a little grainy but I like knowing I’m getting all the nutrients 🙂

Have a happy healthy day!


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