Friday(er..Saturday) funnies!

15 Oct

So…one thing about me is that I’m the WORST person to have around if you get hurt. No matter how hurt you are, I will laugh… at you, and hard. I know it’s horrible, but try as I might, I simply cannot contain my amusement at other people’s expense (I’m sure I’ll be a wonderful mother) LOL

Case in point, when my childhood friend jumped too high on the trampoline and landed with one leg caught inside the gap, and her other one dangling over the other side– she looked like a rag doll. Instead of coming to her aid I.could.not compose myself, I was laughing so hard it was actually hurting…it was awful! In my defense, she was’t badly hurt, just in shock. It was actually her shocked facial expression that made it so funny….so, it was her own fault 😉

Anyway, here’s a clip that never fails to make me laugh. Enjoy!

Um, no Sir, it wasn’t locked in place!

Tomorrow I will be posting on the Paleo diet. It is getting alot of media attention as of late, have any of you heard of it?

Live well


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