And, she’s off to never never land…

14 Nov

Ahhh escapism, ain’t it grand? I am the Queen of dreamers. I can daydream throughout pretty much
everything: lectures, driving, weddings, you name it! My day-dreamin’ mind has got
me covered! If you’ve known me long enough, I can pretty much guarantee you
that I’ve daydreamed through entire conversations we’ve had. That’s right!
When you thought we were having a conversation in the kitchen, I was actually
in Paris, sitting by the Seine eating crepes or frolicking through the low
country down South…oh, and man can I frolick—it’s a shame you couldn’t be join me. LOL Reality rarely means much to me.

My day usually
resembles something along these lines:

My dad: “Not to talk
about finance” (he then proceeds to talk about economics, and the importance of
investing and saving.) This is the same talk I’ve heard every week for the past
20 or so years of my life.

It’s all good though…my
imagination’s got me covered…

Me: Staring blankly, with
the all too familiar glazed eyed look. (Although I can’t see my face, I like to
imagine it looks something like this)

See, my father thinks
we’re in his office talking about the European financial crisis, but I know
better. Because in my head, I’m actually walking down a cobble stone street in
Florence, gently pushing my way through the crowds on a beautiful spring day in
the market place. By this point a slight smile creeps onto my face (my dad
most likely thinks this is because I’ve had a eureka moment, and his advice is
finally sinking in) um, wrong! I’m actually smiling because I just noticed the
most A-MA-ZING Sophia Loren dress in one of the shop windows that would look
PERFECT on me. Imagine my luck, right? Well, I mean, this is Florence after all…I
wonder if my Dad notices that I’m quietly humming “that’s amore” while he
continues his financial mumblings. It’s
kind of a win-win situation because after my Dad has finished speaking I know
he feels better thinking he’s just unloaded important and useful financial advice
to his young daughter, and I…well I just had a mini vacation….it was lovely…thanks

The truth is, we all day dream (given, probably not as much as me), but in fairness, we all do. There
are places we go in our heads to escape reality for a few stolen moments. It’s
our “happy place;” it’s the place our minds go when things become overwhelming and we want to escape. Fortunately there exists a real place I love to go
to sit and read or just walk and think. I think places such as this (whether physical
or imagined) are so good for our wellbeing; you get to be whatever you want, wherever
you want, for free! Gotta love that!

Anyway, here’s a
little sample of my happy place. What’s yours?

Live well,


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