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Giving thanks

25 Nov

image via that inspirational girl

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American family and friends! I have SO many things to be grateful for, a few of these things are:

1. My family- I love that all of my family are close friends, and are all healthy.

2. My health

3.  I get to live in not one, but two different countries, both of which are first world. Both of these places make me feel safe and secure. I have access to clean food and water every single day! I also get to further my education, and pursue my dreams with no one holding me back but myself.

4. My brothers dog Toro (especially his giant head) he’s truly was of the great loves of my life.

5. Music and my car – One of the most cathartic things in the world to me is to be able to drive off in my car, windows down, and music blaring 🙂 LOVE! A song I’m grateful for at the moment is this one:

I hope you all have a wonderful break with your loved ones!