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Those darn Mormons

21 Oct

Let me start off by saying that I am no longer a practicing member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (aka Mormon) – in fact, I’m agnostic- but I grew up Mormon (with a sprinkling of Catholicism on my Dad’s side, but that’s another story.) I spent a lot of my highschool years in Oklahoma. For those of you not familiar with Oklahoma, it’s known as ‘the buckle’ of the bible belt, so Mormonism wasn’t exactly embraced. Needless to say, I’m pretty used to people looking at me like a museum piece when I tell them I grew up LDS.

I think most people when they hear the word Mormon think of this:


Or this

Sister Wives TLC

When in actuality they look like this

Aaaarrrgh....a Mormon

To be clear, the members of the FLDS (Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints) are just as foreign and intriguing to modern Mormons as they are to everyone else. This goes double for Sister Wives, the new TLC show aiming to normalize modern polygamy. Personally, I don’t understand the concept of modern polygamy, but it doesn’t really bother me as long as all the adults involved have chosen–and continue to have the choice of this lifestyle. Who am I to judge? To be honest, I’m not so much thrown by this dude’s lifestyle choices, as I am genuinely thrown by his choice of hair style…but whatever, I digress.

With all the theological eccentricities aside (and to be honest, all religions at their core have some pretty interesting beliefs.) The only lasting memories I have growing up in the LDS church are great ones. I hope to always remember the principles taught to me about the value of modesty, charity, honesty, kindness, and services to others. All of these values aren’t just something talked about, in my experience, Mormons really walk the talk. There was a noticeable difference hanging out with my LDS and non-LDS friends in highschool. My LDS friends all had a way of truly living their values, without coming across as self-righteous. In hindsight, I’m so grateful my mom wasn’t “the cool” mother in highschool, who drank and smoked with the kids, or turned a blind eye to the inappropriate things we would get up to. I’m sure as a direct result of my upbringing in a LDS home, I don’t drink, smoke or consume caffeine. It’s also the reason, I believe, I became so interested in health.

So much of my Mormon past has left me with a positive lasting impression. I’m not trying to convince anyone that Mormons are perfect (I don’t think most Mormons would either), there are many doctrinal things I disagree with, and there are just as many creepers in the LDS church as there are in any other church. Even still, while Mormons/Mormonism might not be considered normal (whatever that means) I’m cool with that. I would rather be known as a weird Mormon’s kid, then be known any other way.

I LOVE my Mormon Momma, and my LDS friends…I think I’ll keep em’ 🙂