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Raw Food Pyramid- Nice!

31 Oct

Raw Vegan Food Pyramid

We have so many opportunities to turn our SAD (standard American/Australian diet) around. Wouldn’t it be cool if this was the suggested food pyramid instead of the current USDA one? Imagine if hospitals, nursing homes, and schools implemented, even some of these changes to their current menus- they would no doubt see enormous improvements in people’s health. Ah well…a girl can dream…

Live well


Primary Foods

12 Oct


So…I’ve just started this program at Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN), and one of the main points of this blog is to take readers along for the ride. I have just finished listening to 3 introductory lessons—one of the lessons was about primary foods. So many health enthusiasts, especially raw foodists, focus WAY too much on eating perfectly (I’m so guilty of this) but end up lacking in other important areas of their life. It got me thinking about the other important areas of life that I have been ignoring.

The areas of focus are: relationships, physical activity, career, and spiritual development (which can include anything from meditation, to journaling)—you don’t have to be religious to have a spiritual life.

Anyway, to start off I thought I would share the areas in my life that I looked at:

Relationships: This is the area that is suffering the most in my life. I definitely lead an overly isolated life, I am extremely introverted (not shy.)  Being an introvert is difficult when trying to socialize. I find a lot of things that people talk about to be superficial and have a hard time pretending that I’m interested. I tend to spend a lot of time by myself, either reading or practicing my photography. I LOVE my alone time but know that this much time alone isn’t good for me. I am also very self-critical, so this year I want to learn how to better accept/love myself.

Physical: This is also an area that needs improvement. When I’m doing physical activity consistently (my personal choice is tennis) I’m fine- it’s when I miss a day or two that I lapse back into a sedentary lifestyle .

Career: I’m currently a student (Bach of Commerce) so my work right now is part time— but I do have specific visions and goals for my career that I am very excited about. I want to build a career around my first love, holistic health and wellness. I am okay in this area.

Spirituality: Good in this area (sort of? ha) I am still evolving, and trying to find what works for me. I do spend much time and thought reading and pondering in this area. I also like to write in my journal, and keep a gratitude list.


–       I will exercise at least 3 times per week

–       I will initiate more activities with friends and family

Live well