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Happy St Patty’s day!

19 Mar

Try this green drink for St Patty’s! Much healthier, and won’t leave you with a hangover ūüėČ

20120319-104814.jpg Love you all, and hope you have a wonderful day celebrating all things Irish! C-


Vegan rice paper rolls

4 Mar

I had a craving for something healthy and light for dinner tonight. On my way¬†to the market I passed by a Vietnamese restaurant, and immediately thought of making these rice paper rolls. Most people will know that traditionally rice paper rolls are filled¬†with prawns¬†or pork.¬†Lettuce, red pepper, carrot & mint :) All I did was omitted the meat. This recipe is extremely easy. All I used was¬†1. rice paper sheets (available at any Asian grocer) 2. Cos lettuce 3. red peppers 4. carrots 5. mint. Place the rice paper sheet in warm water for 30 seconds, move to a plate, then¬†start stacking your ingredients¬†on the bottom part of your sheet (much like how you assemble a burrito)¬†¬†and Voila! It really is that simple! It is a great dinner idea because it is so easy, and nutritious. Mess around with the ingredients too, make it your own. As for a dipping sauce, because most Asian sauces are laden with refined sugar I decided to make my own. I just mixed¬†Tamari soy sauce (wheat free), a little bit of honey and rice¬†wine vinegar. You can find¬†plenty of great healthy sauce recipes on the web as well ūüôā¬†Happy¬†eating!



* Please excuse the poor quality of my pics, the lighting in my apartment is completely ghetto.